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Since 1999, Ohio Heating’s expert service has made it a leader in the HVAC market. We offer commercial HVAC installation and repair to businesses, protecting their goods, workers, and customers from extreme temperatures. We also provide residential services so you can be just as comfortable at home as at work.

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Keep Your Customers Cool and in the Store

Nothing is worse for a customer than going from a cool car to the blazing hot parking lot and then into a store that’s hotter than outside. Even worse, your customer will hurry through the store to return to their home’s AC. As a leading HVAC contractor in Columbus, OH, we want to keep your customers in the store by ensuring your HVAC system keeps your business cool.

Too Hot? Too Cold? We Can Fix That

When you’re at home, everything should be just right. We offer residential furnace & AC repair & replacement. The temperature outside doesn’t matter when you have functional HVAC equipment to ensure your home is the right temperature for you.

Your Go-to for Commercial Heating and Cooling

Ohio Heating provides HVAC installation and repair for your business and commercial properties. Our commercial HVAC company can also help maintain and clean your systems, and we handle zoning when installing a new unit. You can trust us to provide the best equipment and service.

Keep Things Cool This Summer

These days, box fans aren’t going to cut it for the high summer temperatures. Your AC is a pivotal system in your home that keeps you cool and safe from the summer sun, so don’t put off your AC repair.

Commercial & Industrial Services

Commercial HVAC systems, water heaters, and refrigeration units are the backbone of commercial and industrial facilities. Downtime can cause delays in production and revenue loss. That’s why Central Ohio companies rely on Ohio Heating for their commercial and industrial needs. We can help keep your systems running better for longer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for more information.


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