Burner Service and Replacement

Ohio Plumbing & Boiler has been servicing boilers for over 25 years.  We recommend you conduct burner maintenance at regular intervals. Wear on the firing head, diffuser, or igniter can result in air leakage or failure of the boiler to start.

A change in weather results in a change in combustion. Our expert technicians can repair or replace your burner and bring everything up to Code.  Just call us for an estimate, we will evaluate your needs and install the most efficient burner needed.


  • Burner Replacement
  • Combustion Efficiency Testing
  • Diagnosing problem areas
  • CSD-1 Testing


  • Complete Replacement
  • Tube Sheet Fabrication
  • Re-tubing
  • Testing and Cleaning
  • Replacement Tube Bundles Only

You may want to consider purchasing a new energy-efficient burner if your existing burner is cycling on and off rapidly.

Rotary-cup oil burners that have been converted to natural gas use are often inefficient. Our technicians can conduct combustion efficiency tests at full- and part-load firing rates; then, compare the measured efficiency values with the performance of the new burner. Even a small improvement in burner efficiency can provide significant savings on your fuel bills.

Ohio Plumbing & Boiler is the company you can trust for your residential or commercial boiler repairs or replacement.

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